Energy is the lever that moves the world.

Achieving humanity’s potential requires generating more energy, not less. But today’s energy sources are holding us back.

Our mission is to free humanity from fossil fuels, save the planet from climate change and unlock a new era of progress, prosperity and safety for all.

Energy is the lever that moves the world.

Xcimer will use clean, safe, abundant energy from fusion to power the next generation of human progress.

Fossil fuels powered the industrial revolution, the space age, and enabled everything we consider modern society. But fossil fuels hurt humans and hurt the planet.

A new source of abundant energy without these externalities will transform the course of human civilization again. It will free us from our dependence on fossil fuels, and let us dream again about what humanity can achieve without limits, to propel us in ways we have yet to know.


Major Milestones

  • 1

    Phoenix Prototype Demonstrated

    Demonstrate core science and scalability of Xcimer’s novel laser architecture, key to commercializing inertial fusion.

    2026 Reduced Scale

  • 2

    Full Beamline Constructed

    Single integrated beam line at full scale demonstrates laser architecture’s performance and economics.

    Late 2020s Full component scale

  • 3

    Breakeven Demonstration

    Multiple beamlines combine their output to achieve wall-plug breakeven from an inertial fusion fuel capsule.

    2030 Full plant scale

  • 4

    First operating power plant

    The first laser fusion power plant starts delivering electricity to the grid.

    Mid 2030s Full system scale



Inertial fusion fuel requires precise control to ignite and burns only for a few billionths of a second. There is no chance of an uncontrolled or unexpected energy release.



Fusion is always available and can run reliably 24/7, 365 days per year, regardless of weather, temperature, rainfall, or season. Fusion is a source of energy humanity can depend on.



The fuel for fusion comes from seawater and lithium, and humanity has enough of these to last for millions of years.



Xcimer inertial fusion will be economically competitive with fossil fuels and superior to renewables, enabling use cases we haven’t yet thought possible.



Inertial fusion is clean and does not release pollutants, including carbon.



Per capita energy consumption in the United States stopped growing in the 1970s. Fusion will return us to the path of technological growth, progress and optimism that we were on before we learned of the damage fossil fuels were doing to the environment.

  • What is the Henry Adams Curve?

    The Henry Adams Curve, also known as the Henry Adams Law, is a concept in technological and cultural evolution introduced by the historian Henry Adams in his essay "The Law of Acceleration." It describes the exponential rate at which technological and cultural progress occurs over time, with a specific focus on the increasing energy consumption driving it. Adams observed that the pace of innovation and change accelerates exponentially, rather than linearly. This curve suggests that with time, each new advancement builds on previous work at a faster rate, leading to increasingly rapid development and transformation in various fields, from science and technology to new approaches in energy.

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